May 13, 2012

Easter 2012, Candy and Bunnies

Easter bunny came and visited.  They got candy and two little bunnies.   Why oh why did I think as a mother that three children could share two bunnies?  It ended up being one of my most hardest days as a mother breaking up fights over the bunnies and setting the kitchen timer for twenty minutes each and then squeezing in personal time for the bunnies to have by them they were never getting a chances to eat or use the restroom.   

April 4, 2012

Pond Skimming at The Canyons Ski Resort, Park City

Caleb rarely gets a Saturday off and it just happened to be on the day that The Canyons was hosting a Pond Skimming competition.  He got us all free tickets.  Kids were just as excited to ride the Gondola up the mountain.  We packed a lunch and sunscreen.  

Giddy-up horsey...

Waiting to get on the bucket ride

Next the Gondola

We got there early enough to get front row seats.  Weather was perfect.

 That water was nasty green from the upper pond.


Pond Skimming

 Eating lunch in the lodge

 These are two out of the three roommates/co-workers of Caleb's (Quay and Alex).  Caleb moved in with them to Park City to save money on rent.  They are all from Florida and have become good friends.  They support Caleb and I every week when we perform. Good guys.  Quay on the left in going to medical school and Alex is came out on vacation from FL two months ago and decided to stay. 

 Of coarse we had to stop and listen to the band. 

 On our way down we got free vitamin waters. 

 Thomas was on one with my tambourine.  I finally had to put it in time out.

After we got home that evening Caleb wanted to practice with his new set of six harmonicas on a few songs.  The kids got their blankets and pillows out to listen.  It's funny how you find ways to survive and entertain each other with out an television.  More family quality time for sure. 

 Thomas had to be right under the table.  He has always loved harmonicas and has about three.  Also, Thomas thought it was funny to compare the guy off of Mary Poppins to Caleb because later on Caleb put my tambourine under his foot and was playing all three instruments at the same time.  Caleb picked the harmonica right back up like it was yesterday.

 Caleb and Pepper have a love/hate relationship.  Pepper has eaten his food right off the table when he has gotten up.  Caleb has very little patience for this dog especially when Pepper acts like this...

March 29, 2012

Thomas' Disney Program

Every year at J.R. Smith, the third grade puts on a Disney Program.  They work on the songs all year long and then come January (with lots of help from parent volunteers) they learn the dances and choreography to them.  It is a program that has been going for 23 years now at his school.  I taught one of the dances and was asked to work with all the children that had solos.  I feel free this week now that is is over.  Thomas had a great time and loved every minute of it.  Third grade is still at that age where they enjoy Disney.  This performance was out of Thomas' comfort zone, but it was so good for him.  He took it very seriously!

 He was in the Lion King song as a Zebra

 Waiting to go on stage for "Whale of a Tale"

 Kiley, Thomas, and Axel

 Lion King Dance.  Thomas is the Zebra second from left. The sweet little girl who played Simba (Sammy) came over to my house every Thursday for nine weeks for singing lessons and we worked and worked in this solo.  All the other kids that had solos I pulled then out of class at the school.  Sammy was adorable and made such huge improvements in her singing and confidence.  She is a cute shy little thing. 

Hunch back of Notre Dame dance 

 Thomas is in the yellow t-shirt on Let's Go Fly a Kite, Mary Poppins

 Some of his buddies

Grandma Jones came to watch the program, Grandpa Jones was very sick.  Lydia adores her Grandma and I thought it was so sweet how she just laid on her lap.  They had a sweet relationship. Thomas was looking forward to this performance to show her.

So proud of Thomas.  They performed for different audiences 8 times that week.  Kids were bused in from different surrounding elementary schools as a field trip to watch it.  Grandma took us all out for ice cream afterwards, which now days is a big treat for the kids.

Aunt Kristen (my sister) came up for it. Thomas loved having her there also, he was so excited when I told him last minute that she was coming up. Keep in mind it wasn't even 24 hours after her trip to AZ that she came.   Thanks!

Lydia and Mickey

Here is a video I did of the three out of the four dances Thomas did. 

March 26, 2012

My Mini Waspette

This little girl of mine is absolutely adorable.  I wish I could freeze her at this age.  She is my little buddy.  The one good thing that has come from not  homeschooling again this year is the quality time I get to have with this little one.  She never fails to give you loves and hugs.  She says the sweetest things at the most perfect time.  I wonder some days how kids know when us Mom's need to hear that we are loved, needed, and appreciated.  She tells me I am her bestest friend.  I just hope we can stay close to help get us through those teenage years.

That pointy little chin of hers (and that Thomas has too) is very much a Bowman trade mark. 

 This is basically how our afternoon's go down.  She can't get changed fast enough after school to something more her style.  Lately is has been cowboy (not cowgirl mind you). Two weeks ago is was a baseball player and before that it was a football player.  I never really have made her dress too girly, except on Sundays.  I like that she knows what she likes, even though some days she looks absolutely crazy.

 This day she went to the dentist and as soon as we got to the front desk to pay and check out she asked me to pull her hair back. She couldn't get changed quick enough when we got home. 

Mini Waspette Camp
The last time Lydia did any for of dance class was when she was 3.  I had to drag her to class and the only way she would go was if she could take her brothers super hero's with her.  She never put them down and always danced with Superman or Batman.  After six months of this I finally took her out.  She was miserable.  I figured sports would be her route.  I still think it will be, but her babysitter Haily (show in the picture above) stopped by one day to ask her is she wanted to sign up for this drill team camp they were putting on for a fundraiser.  Lydia told her no at the door.  I told her YES.  It couldn't have been more perfect for her.  This is what she needed to like dance again.  The went for three days after school.  Learned one dance, and then performed them that Friday night,.  Mark and I took the kids. They had a good time and I was so proud of her. 

Mark and Lydia

 Lydia and her tough girl stance.  She insisted on wearing her cowboy boots.  The danced bare feet so I was ok with that.

 Lydia and Momma

Mark and the kids waiting for the program to start.  We had to get there an hour early to get good seats.